Intruder in the dust: why are dust mites such effective allergens?
Augmentation of permeability in the bronchial epithelium by the house dust mite allergen Der p1.
Polarity of secretion of alpha 1-antitrypsin by human respiratory epithelial cells after adenoviral transfer of a human alpha 1-antitrypsin cDNA.
Phenotype and differentiation potential of a novel rat tracheal epithelial cell line.
CD4+ T lymphocyte modulation of ozone-induced murine pulmonary inflammation.
Mast cells modulate allergic pulmonary eosinophilia in mice.
Interactions of pulmonary surfactant protein D (SP-D) with human blood leukocytes.
Histamine provokes turnover of inositol phospholipids in guinea pig and human airway epithelial cells via an H1-receptor/G protein-dependent mechanism.
Modulation of fibroblast type I collagen and fibronectin production by bovine bronchial epithelial cells.
Xanthine oxidase-derived oxygen radicals increase lung cytokine expression in mice subjected to hemorrhagic shock.
Isolation and properties of an angiotensin II-cleaving peptidase from mesquite pollen.
Induction of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein gene expression in cultured rat pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells by interleukin 1 beta.