Dislocation of E-Cadherin in the Airway Epithelium during an Antigen-Induced Asthmatic Response
Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 and RANTES Are Chemotactic for Graft Infiltrating Lymphocytes during Acute Lung Allograft Rejection
Modulation of Alveolar Macrophage Phagocytosis by Leukotrienes Is Fc Receptor-Mediated and Protein Kinase C-Dependent
Characterization of an Axonemal Dynein Heavy Chain Expressed Early in Airway Epithelial Ciliogenesis
Expression Patterns of Laminin α 1 and α 5 in Human Lung during Development
Phospholipase D and Priming of the Respiratory Burst by H2O2 in NR8383 Alveolar Macrophages
Inhibition of Amiloride-Sensitive Epithelial Na+ Absorption by Extracellular Nucleotides in Human Normal and Cystic Fibrosis Airways
Adenovirus-Mediated Lung Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Overexpression Protects against Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension in Rats
Surfactant Protein A Differentially Regulates IFN- γ - and LPS-Induced Nitrite Production by Rat Alveolar Macrophages
CD14+ Cells Are Necessary for Increased Survival of Eosinophils in Response to Lipopolysaccharide
Absence of SV40 Large T-Antigen Expression in Human Mesothelioma Cell Lines
Tumor Necrosis Factor- α -Induced Secretion of RANTES and Interleukin-6 from Human Airway Smooth-Muscle Cells