Scientific Basis of In-Hospital Respiratory Therapy1
Conducting Clinical Trials1
Magnitude of Use and Costs of In-Hospital Respiratory Therapy1
Oxygen Therapy
Aerosol and Humidity Therapy
Mechanical Aids to Lung Expansion
Physical Therapy
Oxygen Therapy in Medical Patients Hospitalized Outside of the Intensive Care Unit1-3
Oxygen Therapy for Surgical Patients1,2
Special Considerations in Oxygen Therapy for Infants and Children1-2
Monitoring Oxygen Therapy1,2
Oxygen Therapy
Generation and Respiratory Deposition of Therapeutic Aerosols1,2
Clinical Indications for and Effects of Bland, Mucolytic, and Antimicrobial Aerosols1-2
Aerosolized Bronchodilators and Steroids in the Treatment of Airway Obstruction in Adults1-3
Clinical Application of Aerosols in Pediatrics1-3
The Physiologic Basis for the Use of Mechanical Aids to Lung Expansion1,2
Mechanical Aids to Lung Expansion in Non-lntubated Surgical Patients1,2
Indications for Mechanical Aids to Assist Lung Inflation in Medical Patients1-3
Rationale for Physical Therapy1,2
Techniques of Respiratory Physical Therapy1,2
Physical Therapy
Physiotherapy in Hospitalized Medical Patients1,2
Pulmonary Rehabilitation1,2