Purpose of the Conference
Chairman's Summary
The Structure and Heterogeneity of Respiratory Mucus Glycoproteins
The Structure of Human Intestinal Apomucins
Structural Features of the Core Proteins of Human Airway Mucins Ascertained by cDNA Cloning
The Carbohydrate Diversity of Human Respiratory Mucins: A Protection of the Underlying Mucosa?
Expression of Fibronectin and Its Cell Surface Receptors
Glycoprotein Synthesis and Secretion: Translation and Targeting
Mucin Exocytosis
Modification of Mucin Gene Expression in Airway Disease
Structure and Biology of a Carcinoma-associated Mucin, MUC1
Role of Mast Cell and Neutrophil Proteases in Airway Secretion
Human Nasal Respiratory Secretions and Host Defense