Purpose of the Conference
Chairman's Summary
Adhesion Molecules in the Lung: An Overview
Identification and Characterization of Novel Airway Epithelial Integrins
The Integrin α4β1 and Its Counter Receptor VCAM-1 in Development and Immune Function
Regulation of Tissue-selective T-Lymphocyte Homing Receptors during the Virgin to Memory/Effector Cell Transition in Human Secondary Lymphoid Tissues
Control of Leukocyte Integrin Activation
Mechanisms of Neutrophil and Eosinophil Accumulation In Vivo
Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Lymphocyte Recirculation, Inflammation, and Metastasis Formation
Adhesion Molecules and Cytokine Production
Adhesion Molecules in Allergic Inflammation
Cell Adhesion Molecules and the Bronchial Epithelium
Contribution of Specific Cell-adhesive Glycoproteins to Airway and Alveolar Inflammation and Dysfunction