Serial Doppler Echocardiographic Assessment of Left and Right Ventricular Performance After a First Myocardial Infarction
Cardiorespiratory Exercise Capacity and Its Relation to a New Doppler Index in Children Previously Treated with Anthracycline
Strain Rate Imaging in Normal and Reduced Diastolic Function: Comparison with Pulsed Doppler Tissue Imaging of the Mitral Annulus
Assessment of Left Ventricular Function by Real-Time 3-Dimensional Echocardiography Compared with Conventional Noninvasive Methods
Correlation Between Quantitative Left Atrial Spontaneous Echocardiographic Contrast and Intact Fibrinogen Levels in Mitral Stenosis
Accuracy and Cost- and Time-Effectiveness of Digital Clip Versus Videotape Interpretation of Echocardiograms in Patients with Valvular Disease
Hydatid Cyst of the Heart as a Rare Cause of Embolization: Report of 5 Cases and Review of Published Reports
Cleft Posterior Mitral Valve Leaflet Associated with Counterclockwise Papillary Muscle Malrotation
Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism Originating from Right Atrial Myxoma
Echocardiographic Detection and Long-Term Outcome of Coronary Artery-Left Ventricle Fistula After Septal Myectomy in Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
Apical Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Bedside Diagnosis by Intravenous Contrast Echocardiography
Severe Intermittent Intraprosthetic Regurgitation After Mitral Valve Replacement with Subvalvular Preservation
Right Ventricular Dysplasia in an Asymptomatic Young Man: An Uncommon Case with Biventricular Involvement and No Known Family History
Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Elderly Patients: Clinical and Echocardiographic Features—A Case-Based Review
Achieving a Diagnostic Contrast-Enhanced Echocardiogram: A Series on Contrast Echocardiography, Article 4
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