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The Familial Predisposition Toward Tearing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
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Stabilization of the Clavicle After Distal Resection
Fixation of Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesions Using Poly(l-lactic Acid)/Poly(glycolic Acid) Copolymer Bioabsorbable Screws
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Donor Site Morbidity and Return to the Preinjury Activity Level After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Ipsilateral and Contralateral Patellar Tendon Autograft
The Influence of Supplementary Tibial Fixation on Laxity Measurements After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With Hamstring Tendons in Female Patients
In Vivo Articular Cartilage Contact Kinematics of the Knee
Upper and Lower Extremity Muscle Fatigue After a Baseball Pitching Performance
The Annular Ligament
Potential Risk of Rerupture in Primary Achilles Tendon Repair in Athletes Younger Than 30 Years of Age
Tibial Stress Fracture in a Male Ballet Dancer
A Systematic Approach to Magnetic Resonance Imaging Interpretation of Sports Medicine Injuries of the Knee
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