Ecological Misfits
The Influence of Nonanatomical Insertion and Incongruence of Meniscal Transplants on the Articular Cartilage in an Ovine Model
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Revision Reconstruction
Shoulder Strength After Open Versus Arthroscopic Stabilization
Conservative Treatment for Osteochondrosis of the Humeral Capitellum
Arthroscopic Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation in Osteochondral Lesions of the Talus
Effects of Low-Level Laser Therapy and Eccentric Exercises in the Treatment of Recreational Athletes With Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy
Biomechanical Performance of Rotator Cuff Repairs With Humeral Rotation
The Effect of Dynamic External Rotation Comparing 2 Footprint-Restoring Rotator Cuff Repair Techniques
A Biomechanical Comparison of 2 Technical Variations of Double-Row Rotator Cuff Fixation
Influence of Suture Material on the Biomechanical Behavior of Suture-Tendon Specimens
A Prospective Study of Injury Patterns in High School Pole Vaulters
The Influence of Arthroscopic Subscapularis Tendon and Capsule Release on Internal Rotation Strength in Treatment of Frozen Shoulder
Bone Bruises Associated With ACL Rupture
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Failure and Cartilage Damage During Knee Joint Compression
Snowboarding and Ski Boarding Injuries in Niigata, Japan
Winner of the 2007 Excellence in Research Award
The Effect of a Proximal Tibial Medial Opening Wedge Osteotomy on Posterolateral Knee Instability
Minimally Invasive Coracoclavicular Stabilization With Suture Anchors for Acute Acromioclavicular Dislocation
Recovery of the Menisci and Articular Cartilage of Runners After Cessation of Exercise
Comparison of Cutaneous and Transosseous Electromagnetic Position Sensors in the Assessment of Tibial Rotation in a Cadaveric Model
Elbow Valgus Laxity May Result in an Overestimation of Apparent Shoulder External Rotation During Physical Examination
Acute, Exertional Medial Compartment Syndrome of the Foot in a High-Level Athlete
Rotator Cuff Degeneration
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