Pathology of salmonella colitis
Histopathology of gastric dysplasias Correlations with gastric juice chemistry
Fibromatosis of the breast
Liposarcoma A study of 55 cases with a reassessment of its classification
Myofibroblasts in the stroma of invasive and metastatic carcinoma A possible host response to neoplasia
The story of the myofibroblasts
Histopathology of borderline and early malignant melanomas
Syphilitic lymphadenitis Immunofluorescent identification of spirochetes from imprints
Mediastinal meningioma
Some notes on Sir Jonathan Hutchinson (1828–1913)
The Arias-Stella reaction occurring in the endocervix in pregnancy
The Relevance of HLA and Clinical Medicine
Surgical Pathology of Neoplastic Diseases (Advanced)
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