Neuroendocrine (Merkel cell) carcinoma of the skin
Interpretation and significance of pathologic findings in transbronchial lung biopsy
Basaloid carcinoma of uterine cervix
Coexistent lobular carcinoma in situ and intraductal carcinoma in a single lobular-duct unit
Vascular and cartilaginous hamartoma of the ribs in infancy with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst formation
Small cell squamous and mixed small cell squamous—small cell anaplastic carcinomas of the lung
The diagnosis of giardiasis
Localization of factor VIII-related antigen in vascular endothelial cells using an immunoperoxidase method
Immunofluorescence technique for rapid diagnosis of glial tumors
Myeloid metaplasia presenting as a breast mass
Oncocytic carcinoid tumor of the lung
Bronchogenic squamous carcinoma in nonirradiated juvenile laryngotracheal papillomatosis
Metanephrogenic tissue in immature ovarian teratoma
Primary leiomyoma of the liver
Tumors of the Parathyroid Glands. (Atlas of Tumor Pathology. Second Series, Fascicle 14.)
Diagnostic Electron Microscopy. Volume 2
Tumors of the Cardiovascular System. (Atlas of Tumor Pathology, Second Series, Fascicle 15.)
Juxtaoral Organ of Chievitz
Multiple Bronchial Carcinoid Tumors
Rapid Polychrome Stain
Pathology in Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dermatopathology Workshop
Diagnostic Cytopathology