Carcinoma in situ of the gallbladder
Bilateral primary pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease
Mucinous tumors of the ovary with argyrophil cells
Prognostic factors in surgically resected limited-stage, nonsmall cell carcinoma of the lung
Low-grade papillary adenocarcinoma of palatal salivary gland origin
Inflammatory pseudotumor of the spleen
Early gastric cancer
Subcutaneous pseudosarcomatous polyvinylpyrrolidone granuloma
Pathology and Clinical Features of Parasitic Diseases. (Masson Monographs in Diagnostic Pathology, 5.)
Fine-Needle Aspiration Symposium
Soft-Tissue Tumor Symposium
Diagnostic Cytopathology Course
An Eclectic Retrospective: Updated Selections from a Decade of Dermatopathology Symposia at New York University School of Medicine