Oxyphilic Clear Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary A Report of Nine Cases
Muscularis Mucosa of Urinary Bladder Importance for Staging and Treatment
Round Atelectasis Pathologic and Pathogenetic Features
The Frequency and Histology of Hepatic Tissue in Germ Cell Tumors
Intermediate Trophoblast in Germ Cell Neoplasms
Diffuse Pulmonary Hemorrhage
Histology of the Liver
Amyloid Tumor of the Spleen
Demonstration of Epstein-Barr Virus in Immunoblastic Sarcoma of B-Cells Arising in a Child with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease
Spinal Synovial Cyst (Ganglion)
Artifactual Signet Ring Cells
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Diagnostic Criteria for Liver Allograft Rejection
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Hemangioma of Male Breast
Dermatopathology Self-Assessment Workshop
Second Combined Skin Pathology Course
Orthopaedic Pathology
Pathology of the Lung: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis of Lung Disease
Postgraduate Course on Current Concepts in Surgical Pathology
U.S.-Canadian Mesothelioma Panel
Benjamin Castleman Award
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Most Nasal/Nasopharyngeal Lymphomas are Peripheral T-Cell Neoplasms