Gastric Endocrine Cell Hyperplasia and Carcinoid Tumors in Atrophic Gastritis Type A
Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast : A Clinicopathologic Study of 29 Patients
Chondrosarcoma in the Young: A Clinicopathologic Analysis of 79 Patients Younger than 21 Years of Age
Immunostaining of Estrogen Receptor in Paraffin Sections of Breast Carcinomas Using Monoclonal Antibody D75P3U03B3: Effects of Fixation
Seminal Vesicle Involvement by In Situ and Invasive Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder
Malignant Melanoma Metastatic to the Ovary
Idiopathic Small Airways Pathology in Patients with Graft-versus-Host Disease Following Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
Persistent Active Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Atypical Lymphoproliferation :Report of Two Cases
Multiple Thymic Squamous Cell Carcinomas Associated with Mixed Type Thymoma
Plasmacytoma of the Lung Associated with Nodular Deposits of Immunoglobulin
Gastrointestinal Pathology, AIDS, Immunology, and Drug Testing
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