Lymphadenopathy in Renal Transplant Patients Treated with Immunosuppressive Antibodies (OKT3 and Anti-thymocyte Globulin)
Immunohistochemistry in Bone Marrow Diagnosis
Pleomorphic Fibroma of the Skin
Intranuclear Inclusions Correlate with the Ultrastructural Detection of Herpes-Type Virions in Oral Hairy Leukoplakia
Immunohistochemical Spectrum of Rhabdomyosarcoma and Rhabdomyosarcoma-like Tumors
Pulmonary Metastases in Patients with Low-Grade Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma
Intermediate Filament Expression in Astrocytic Neoplasms
The Gross Anatomy and Histology of the Gallbladder, Extrahepatic Bile Ducts, Vaterian System, and Minor Papilla
Natural History of the Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
Immunophenotypic Properties of Myeloma Cells
Morphologic and Immunologic Features of Lymphoplasmacytic Neoplasms
Clinical, Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Therapeutic Features of Multiple Myeloma
Pathobiologic Definition of the Heavy-Chain Diseases
Ploidy and Condylomata
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Follow-up in Gastric Dysplasia Patients
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Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology
Postgraduate Course
An International Update in Dermatology and Dermatopathology
American Board of Pathology Certification