E-cadherin/Catenin Complex Status in Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas
The Utility of Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) in the Diagnosis of Myxoid Soft Tissue Neoplasms
t(8;13)-positive Bilineal Lymphomas
Sessile Serrated Adenoma (SSA) vs. Traditional Serrated Adenoma (TSA)
Sessile Serrated Adenoma
Atypical Cellular Blue Nevi (Cellular Blue Nevi With Atypical Features): Lack of Consensus for Diagnosis and Distinction From Cellular Blue Nevi and Malignant Melanoma (“Malignant Blue Nevus”)
Lymph Nodes After Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy for Rectal Carcinoma: Number, Status, and Impact on Survival
Atypical Genital Nevi
Partial Atrophy in Prostate Needle Biopsies: A Detailed Analysis of Its Morphology, Immunophenotype, and Cellular Kinetics
Small Cell Carcinoma of the Prostate
Sporadic Cutaneous Angiosarcomas: A Proposal for Risk Stratification Based on 69 Cases
Diagnostic Utility of S100P and von Hippel-Lindau Gene Product (pVHL) in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma—With Implication of Their Roles in Early Tumorigenesis
Pseudocarcinomatous Epithelial Hyperplasia in the Bladder Unassociated With Prior Irradiation or Chemotherapy
The Use of p16 in Enhancing the Histologic Classification of Uterine Smooth Muscle Tumors
Sox2 Expression in Brain Tumors: A Reflection of the Neuroglial Differentiation Pathway
Characteristic Expression Patterns of TCL1, CD38, and CD44 Identify Aggressive Lymphomas Harboring a MYC Translocation
Podoplanin is a Better Immunohistochemical Marker for Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma Than Calretinin
Distinction of Primary and Metastatic Mucinous Tumors Involving the Ovary: Analysis of Size and Laterality Data by Primary Site With Reevaluation of an Algorithm for Tumor Classification
CD25 Expression on Cutaneous Mast Cells From Adult Patients Presenting With Urticaria Pigmentosa is Predictive of Systemic Mastocytosis
Primary Mediastinal Seminoma: A Comprehensive Assessment Integrated With Histology, Immunohistochemistry, and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization for Chromosome 12p Abnormalities in 23 Cases
Metastatic Peritoneal Neurocutaneous Melanocytosis
Choroid Plexus Papilloma With Neuropil-like Islands
Divergent Myoid, Neuroendocrine, and Perineural Differentiation in a Nasal Tumor of a Patient With Carney Complex
HHV8 in Plasmablastic Lymphoma
KSHV/HHV8 Doesn't Play a Significant Role in the Development of Plasmablastic Lymphoma of the Oral Cavity
Rhabdomyosarcoma of the Adult Uterus