Intestinal-type Endocervical Adenocarcinoma In Situ
Cell Cycle Regulatory Markers in Uterine Atypical Leiomyoma and Leiomyosarcoma
Atypical Leiomyomas of the Uterus
Interobserver Variability in the Interpretation of Tumor Cell Necrosis in Uterine Leiomyosarcoma
p16 Is Superior to ProEx C in Identifying High-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (HSIL) of the Anal Canal
Lymphatic Invasion Predicts Aggressive Behavior in Melanocytic Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential (MELTUMP)
Risk Assessment for Atypical Spitzoid Melanocytic Neoplasms Using FISH to Identify Chromosomal Copy Number Aberrations
Epithelioid GBMs Show a High Percentage of BRAF V600E Mutation
Pulmonary Nodular Lymphoid Hyperplasia (Pulmonary Pseudolymphoma)
Cutaneous Syncytial Myoepithelioma
Soft Tissue Chordomas
Cytoplasmic Staining of OCT4 Is a Highly Sensitive Marker of Adrenal Medullary–derived Tissue
EWSR1-CREB3L1 Gene Fusion
The Impact of Tumor Size in Breast Needle Biopsy Material on Final Pathologic Size and Tumor Stage
Colonic Perineuriomas With and Without Crypt Serration
Osseous Myxochondroid Sarcoma
Diffuse Leptomeningeal Neuroepithelial Tumor
Adamantinoma-like Ewing Family Tumor of Soft Tissue Associated With the Vagus Nerve
Diffuse Pulmonary Lymphatic Disease Presenting As Interstitial Lung Disease in Adulthood
STAT3 Pathway Is Activated in ALK-positive Large B-cell Lymphoma Carrying SQSTM1-ALK Rearrangement and Provides a Possible Therapeutic Target