Crossing Boundaries
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Primary Endometrioid Stromal Sarcoma of the Ovary
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Coexistent Pulmonary Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis (Wegener Granulomatosis) and Crohn Disease
GNAS Sequencing Identifies IPMN-specific Mutations in a Subgroup of Diminutive Pancreatic Cysts Referred to as “Incipient IPMNs”
Immunostaining for Polycomb Group Protein EZH2 and Senescent Marker p16INK4a May Be Useful to Differentiate Cholangiolocellular Carcinoma From Ductular Reaction and Bile Duct Adenoma
Lobular Endocervical Glandular Hyperplasia Is a Neoplastic Entity With Frequent Activating GNAS Mutations
Intrapatient Homogeneity of BRAFV600E Expression in Melanoma
Intranodal Papillary Epithelial Proliferations
Upper GI Tract Lesions in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP)
Fibrous Hamartoma of Infancy
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