The Stimulus Package and Medical Therapeutics
Population Pharmacokinetics of the Selective Serotonin 5-HT1A Receptor Partial Agonist Piclozotan
Effect of Enhanced External Counterpulsation on Clinical Symptoms, Quality of Life, 6-Minute Walking Distance, and Echocardiographic Measurements of Left Ventricular Systolic and Diastolic Function After 35 Days of Treatment and at 1-Year Follow Up in 47 Patients With Chronic Refractory Angina Pectoris
Does Synchronizing Initiation of Therapy Affect Adherence to Concomitant Use of Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Therapy?
Improvement in Sensory Pain Rating After Palliative Systemic Radionuclide Therapy in Patients With Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Population Pharmacokinetics of Ketorolac in Neonates and Young Infants
Practical Management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Updates on Cytochrome P450-Mediated Cardiovascular Drug Interactions
Targeting the Inflammatory Response in Secondary Stroke Prevention: A Role for Combining Aspirin and Extended-release Dipyridamole
Natriuretic Peptide Testing for Heart Failure Therapy Guidance in the Inpatient and Outpatient Setting
Current Treatment for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: A Review
Clinical Overview of Algal-Docosahexaenoic Acid: Effects on Triglyceride Levels and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Bupropion-Associated QRS Prolongation Unresponsive to Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy
Central Sleep Apnea in a Geriatric Patient Treated With Aripiprazole
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