Mycophenolate Mofetil
Vulnerability of Small Pediatric Recipients to Laparoscopic Living Donor Kidneys
The Survival Impact of Liver Transplantation in the MELD Era, and the Future for Organ Allocation and Distribution
Dendritic Cells, Therapeutic Vectors of Immunity and Tolerance
Pharmacokinetic Principles of Immunosuppressive Drugs
Canadian Society of Transplantation Consensus Workshop on Cytomegalovirus Management in Solid Organ Transplantation Final Report
Rapamycin-Treated, Alloantigen-Pulsed Host Dendritic Cells Induce Ag-Specific T Cell Regulation and Prolong Graft Survival
Monocyte-Induced Endothelial Calcium Signaling Mediates Early Xenogeneic Endothelial Activation
A Novel Model for Post-Transplant Obliterative Airway Disease Reveals Angiogenesis from the Pulmonary Circulation
Prolongation of Heart Allograft Survival by Immature Dendritic Cells Generated from Recipient Type Bone Marrow Progenitors
Allo-specific T-Cells Encoding for Viral IL-10 Exert Strong Immunomodulatory Effects in vitro but Fail to Prevent Graft Rejection
Protection Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Cardiac and Renal Transplantation with Carbon Monoxide, Biliverdin and Both
Caspase Inhibition Improves Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury After Lung Transplantation
Repair of Damaged Organs in Vitro
The Survival Benefit of Liver Transplantation
Dendritic Cell Subset Ratio in Tolerant, Weaning and Non-Tolerant Liver Recipients Is Not Affected by Extent of Immunosuppression
Early Presence of Calcium Oxalate Deposition in Kidney Graft Biopsies is Associated with Poor Long-Term Graft Survival
Operationally Tolerant and Minimally Immunosuppressed Kidney Recipients Display Strongly Altered Blood T-Cell Clonal Regulation
In Vivo Imaging of Human Pancreatic Microcirculation and Pancreatic Tissue Injury in Clinical Pancreas Transplantation
Rapid Resolution of Proteinuria of Native Kidney Origin Following Live Donor Renal Transplantation
African-American Renal Transplant Recipients Benefit from Early Corticosteroid Withdrawal Under Modern Immunosuppression
BKV in Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplant Recipients
Impact of Simultaneous Kidney–Pancreas Transplant and Timing of Transplant on Kidney Allograft Survival
Antibody Response Against the Glomerular Basement Membrane Protein Agrin in Patients with Transplant Glomerulopathy
Association Between Pulse Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease in Renal Transplant Patients
Living Donor and Split-Liver Transplants in Hepatitis C Recipients
MMF and Calcineurin Taper in Recurrent Hepatitis C After Liver Transplantation
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) in a Kidney Donor Associated with Transient Recipient DIC
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