News and issues that affect organ and tissue transplantation
Steroid Withdrawal
Transplantation Oversight—Finding the Right Balance Between the Layperson, the Transplant Professional and the Regulator
Cardiac Allograft Hypertrophy
Allocation or Rationing—Word Choice Is Crucial
Nine Things You Might Not Say or Hear in Transplantation
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Transplantation Risks and the Real World
The Evolution and Direction of OPTN Oversight of Live Organ Donation and Transplantation in the United States
Nonadherence Consensus Conference Summary Report
Disruption of Murine Cardiac Allograft Acceptance by Latent Cytomegalovirus
Aging Augments IL-17 T-Cell Alloimmune Responses
Effector Functions of Donor-Reactive CD8 Memory T Cells Are Dependent on ICOS Induced During Division in Cardiac Grafts
Nox-2 Is a Modulator of Fibrogenesis in Kidney Allografts
Anticarbohydrate Antibody Repertoires in Patients Transplanted with Fetal Pig Islets Revealed by Glycan Arrays
Long-Term Survival of Nonhuman Primate Islets Implanted in an Omental Pouch on a Biodegradable Scaffold
The Indirect Alloresponse Impairs the Induction but Not Maintenance of Tolerance to MHC Class I-Disparate Allografts
Effects of Donor Age and Cell Senescence on Kidney Allograft Survival
Portal Venous Donor-Specific Transfusion in Conjunction with Sirolimus Prolongs Renal Allograft Survival in Nonhuman Primates
Cardiac Allograft Remodeling After Heart Transplantation Is Associated with Increased Graft Vasculopathy and Mortality
Outcomes Following De Novo CNI-Free Immunosuppression After Heart Transplantation
Serum Matrix Metalloprotease-1 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor–A Predict Cardiac Allograft Rejection
Graft and Patient Survival in Kidney Transplant Recipients Selected for de novo Steroid-Free Maintenance Immunosuppression
Molecular Correlates of Scarring in Kidney Transplants
Allospecific CD154+ T Cells Associate with Rejection Risk After Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Impact of Tips Preliver Transplantation for the Outcome Posttransplantation
Proteasome Inhibition Causes Apoptosis of Normal Human Plasma Cells Preventing Alloantibody Production
Recovery Factors Affecting Utilization of Small Pediatric Donor Kidneys
Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate (HTK) Is Associated with Reduced Graft Survival in Pancreas Transplantation
Donor-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Remain Present and Functional in the Transplanted Human Heart
The Use of Antibody to Complement Protein C5 for Salvage Treatment of Severe Antibody-Mediated Rejection
Successful Long-Term Outcome of the First Combined Heart and Kidney Transplant in a Patient with Systemic AL Amyloidosis
Organ Transplantation
Coagulation and Fractionated Plasma Separation and Adsorption
Incidence of JC-Virus Replication After Rituximab Therapy in Solid-Organ Transplant Patients