Dealing with the IRB
Innovation in the Current Regulatory Environment
The Interface of Clinical Research and Clinical Care - From a Finance Standpoint
Structure of a Clinical Research Program
Options to Fund a Clinical Trial
How To Run Your Own Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trial
How To Run a Multi Center Trial
Interacting with Pharma in 2010
Transition from the Bench to the Bedside; the Evolution of Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation
How To Use a Single Center Database
How To Use Registry/Administrative Databases
The Strengths/Weaknesses of Proprietary Databases
Biostatistics in Outcomes Research
Limitations in Database Research
Biomarker Research
Tissue Repositories
Surgeons, Christmas Lights, and Cheerleaders
The David Hume Lecture: As Time Goes By: The Evolution of Transplantation
Derivation of the NYC Uncontrolled Donation after Cardiac Death Protocol for New York City
Facial Composite Tissue Allotransplantation: New Era in Transplant Surgery
I Gave You Everything: Small Bowel Cluster Transplant
With or Without You: Organ Procurement Teams Should Be Regionalized - PRO
With or Without You: Organ Procurement Teams Should Be Regionalized (CON)
Bridge over Troubled Waters: ECMO to Lung Transplantation
Extrarenal Ex-Vivo Perfusion for Organ Preservation
All Night Long: Every Kidney Should Be Pumped - PRO
All Night Long: Every Kidney Should Be Pumped - CON
Individualizing Immunosuppressive Therapy: Opportunities to Manage Risks
Losing My Religion: UW Is Superior to HTK for Abdominal Organ Preservation (PRO)
Losing My Religion: UW is Superior to HTK for Abdominal Organ Preservation - CON
Leaving on a Jet Plane: Deceased Donor Livers Should Be Regionally Allocation - PRO
Leaving on a Jet Plane: Deceased Donor Livers Should Be Regionally Allocation - CON
Sarcopenia Increases Resource Utilization Following Liver Transplantation
Disparities in Allocation of HCV+ Kidneys
Risk Stratification of Kidneys from Donors after Cardiac Death and the Utility of Machine Perfusion
Short-Term and Long-Term Survival in a 15-Year Cohort of All Live Kidney Donors in the United States
Minimally Invasive, Robotic Assisted Renal Transplantation - Development and Results of a New Surgical Technique
Single Incision Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy - A Less Invasive Option
CDC High Risk Donor Kidney Utilization before and after a Case of HIV Transmission
The Impact of Nonidentical ABO Deceased-Donor Kidney Transplantation on Kidney Utilization
Wait List Death and Survival Benefit of Kidney Transplantation among Extra-Renal Transplant Recipients
Discordance between Benefit from ECD Kidneys and Listing for ECD Kidneys
Experimental Uterus Transplanation in Baboons: Methodology and Results of Auto - and Allo-Transplantation
Outcomes of Liver Transplantation with DCD Livers Are Equivalent Regardless of Recipient HCV Status
Outcomes and Discard of Kidneys from Pediatric Donors after Cardiac Death
Noninvasive Live Imaging of Effector T-Lymphocytes during Islet Allograft Rejection
Central Sarcopenia and Post-Liver Transplant Mortality
Era Effect of Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate (HTK) Preservation on Abdominal Allograft Survival
A Novel Cadaver Study Quantifying the Antigenic Skin Component Accompanying Concomitant Face and Upper Extremity Transplantation
Expanded Criteria Kidneys Have an Increased Rate of Ureteral Complications
Machine Perfusion in Kidney Transplantation: Better Outcomes with Longer Pump Time
Auxiliary Liver Transplantation for Acute Liver Failure: A Reappraisal
B Cell Repertoire Selection in the Presence of Alloantigen Induced Humoral Tolerance to Cardiac Allografts
Survey of Current Practice Related to the Investigation of Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Cardiac Transplant Recipients
Effect of RFA and Tace on Recurrence of HCC after Liver Transplantation
A Case-Series Study of Induction in Liver Transplantation: Outcomes and Economic Analysis
Alemtuzumab Induction, Steroid-Free Maintenance Immunosuppression in African-Americans
Excellent Outcomes with Alemtuzumab Induction and Steroid-Free Maintenance Compared to Interleukin-2 Receptor Antagonist or Thymoglobulin with Prednisone Maintenance
Allograft Nephrectomy Following Kidney Transplantation: Experience with Pre-Operative Angiographic Kidney Embolization
Renal Resistance Is a Predictive Factor for Adverse Kidney Transplant Outcomes
Implication of HVC Status on Kidney Graft Survival in the Settings of a Previous or Simultaneous Liver Transplant: The Role of Induction Therapy
Early Results Using Low-Dose Thymoglobulin Induction Therapy with Steroid-Free Maintenance Immunosuppression in Kidney Transplantation
Point-of-Care Device for Creatinine Utilizing Electrochemical Sensors
Detection of Donor-Specific HLA Antibodies in Kidney Transplant Patients before and after Allograft Nephrectomy
Single Port Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy: Initial Experience
Different Patterns of Cancer (CA) Incidence among African-American (AA) and Caucasian (CAUC) Renal Allograft Recipients (RARs)
Tracking Declines of Paired Donation Offers Improves Program Efficiency
Increased Graft Failure in Right-Sided Donor Nephrectomies
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation (DDT) without Prospective Crossmatch (PC)
Laparobotic Living Donor Nephrectomy: Technique Description in First 141 Patients
The Combination of New Agents and Modalities To Facilitate Transplantation of a Sensitized Patient with Exhausted Vascular Access
Renal Transplantation in a Patient with Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (CAPS)
Liver Allograft Won't Always Immunologically Protect a Simultaneous Kidney Transplant
Effect of HLA Mismatch on Highly Sensitized Transplant Recipients
Prior Substance Abuse Does Not Affect Graft Survival or Patient Mortality in Renal Transplant Recipients
3 Year Outcomes of Renal Transplantation in High-Risk Obese Recipients
Effect of Rituximab on Sphingomyelinase-Like Phosphodiesterase 3b-Precursor in Recurrent FSGS
Pyeloureterostomy or Ureteroneocystostomy in Kidney Transplantation: Is There a Difference?
IVIG in Sensitized Living Donor Kidney Transplants with a Positive T Cell Crossmatch
Customized Markov Decision Process for Kidney Paired Donation Registries
Factors Associated with Efficient Kidney Allocation
ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplantation: Graft Survival Trends
Horseshoe Kidneys in Renal Transplantation
Iliac Transfer: A Useful Alternative Technique for Kidney Implantation
Portal Vein Thrombosis (PVT) after Splenectomy in a Liver Transplant (LT) Patient
Recurrence of Non-Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis (NASH) and Cryptogenic Cirrhosis (CC) Following Liver Transplantation (LT) in the Context of Metabolic Syndrome
Excellent Outcome after Live Donor Adult Liver Transplant (LDALT) with Low Graft Weight/Bodyweight Ratio (GWBWR)
Long Term Outcomes of Patients with Two or More Liver Retransplantations
Complication Burden and the Economic Impact of Obesity in Liver Transplantation
Impact of Preoperative Tumor Volume and Staging of HCC on Transplant Outcomes
Biliary Strictures in Adult to Adult Living Donor Right Lobe Liver Transplants - Long Term Results
Single Center Experience in Liver Transplant for High Meld Recipients
Morbid Obesity Does Not Impact Outcomes after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Domino Liver Transplantation from Children and Adults with Maple Syrup Urine Disease
Short Segment Aortic Endarterectomy- A Technique to Aid Cannulation in Donors with Severely Diseased Aorta
Hepatocyte Transplantation in Patients with Liver Metabolic Disorders
Is HIDA Scan Reliable for Detection of Biliary Complications after Liver Transplantation?
Renal Sparing Immunosuppressive Protocol Using OKT3 after Liver Transplant: A 19 Year Single Institution Experience
Role of Donor HLA-C Genotype in Hepatitis-C Recurrence Following Liver Transplantation
A New Strategy To Accelerate Liver Regeneration after Hepatectomy
Do Hep C Patients Do Better with Male Older Donors Than Female?
Risk Factor for Early Graft Loss after Liver Transplant in Patients with Hepatitis C
Selected Older Liver Grafts Are Not Significantly More Susceptible to Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
Variation in Access to the Liver Transplant Waiting List in the United States
The Effect of Smoking on Biliary Complications Following Liver Transplantation
The Impact of Pre-Transplant Hyponatremia in Liver Transplantation: Outcomes in the 21st Century
Role of Laparoscopic Liver Resection for Unifocal Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
Omega Loop Biliary Reconstruction for Liver Transplant
201 Live Donor Adult Liver Transplants (LDALT): Program Experience and Lessons Learned
Liver Transplantation for Mega-Liver Due to Diffuse Hemangiomatosis: A Tale of Two Masses
Outcome of Adult Liver Transplant Patients with Preexisting Portal Vein Thrombosis, a Single Institution Experience
Recipient Characteristics Associated with Early Hepatic Artery Thrombosis and Graft Loss after Liver Transplantation
Splenic Vein Siphon: An Under-Recognized Cause of Low Portal Flow in Liver Transplant (OLT)
Post-Operative Hernias after Liver Transplant (OLT) with the Use of Sirolimus
Outcomes of Non-Liver Related Surgical Procedures (NLRSP) after Liver Transplant (OLT)
Measuring Frailty in Patients Evaluated for Liver Transplantation
Sorafenib for Adjuvant Therapy Following Orthotopic Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Cancer
Rethinking Management of Vascular Thrombosis in Pancreas Transplant
Pancreas Oxygen Persufflation Increases ATP-Levels and Improves Islet Viability Compared with Two-Layer Method (TlM)
Clinical Significance of Segmental Venous Thrombi in Pancreas Allografts
Portable ECHO by Harvesting Team at Remote Donor Hospitals Prevents Denial of Donor Heart Offer
Down Regulation of Immunological Synapse Genes in Splenic T-Cells during Tolerance Induction by Mutated Class I Molecules in the Rat Heart Transplantation Model
Ethyl Pyruvate Has Anti-Inflammatory and Delayed Myocardial Protective Effects after Regional Ischaemia/Reperfusion Injury in an In Vivo Rat Heart Model
Simultaneous Heart and Liver Transplantation for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease and End-Stage Liver Cirrhosis
Pediatric Donor Lungs for Adult Recipients: Feasibility and Outcomes
Alterations in Aminoglycoside Pharmacokinetics in Cystic Fibrosis Patients after Lung Transplantation
Fluid Restriction in Organ Donors Does Not Negatively Impact Kidney Graft Outcomes
Response of the Transplant Community to a Rare but Highly Publicized Adverse Event
Disqualification of Potential Donors for Adult-to-Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation
Total Hepatectomy with Caval Flow Preservation by Left-to-Right Approach
Local Immunosuppression Modulates Islet Allograft Rejection into a Biohybrid Device
Intestinal Lengthening Using a Gastric Graft, a Bridge to Intestinal Transplantation? Experimental Study in Swines
Specificities of Antibodies for HLA Class I Epitopes Defined by Pairs of Eplets
Antibody Reactivity to HLA-C Epitopes in Post-Allograft Nephrectomy SERA
Recipients of CDC High Risk Donor Kidneys
Establishing Extended Criteria for Deceased Intestine Donors
ROCK Inhibiter Ameliorate the Islet Viability for Pre-Transplant Culture
Venous Vascular Insufficiency in Intestinal Failure