The AJT Report: News and issues that affect organ and tissue transplantation
Does Early (CNI) Conversion Lead to Eternal (Renal) Salvation?
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US Health Care Reform and Transplantation. Part I: Overview and Impact on Access and Reimbursement in the Private Sector
US Health Care Reform and Transplantation, Part II: Impact on the Public Sector and Novel Health Care Delivery Systems
The Quality of Health Insurance Service Delivery for Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Patient Perspective
The Molecular Phenotype of Kidney Transplants
An Integrated View of Molecular Changes, Histopathology and Outcomes in Kidney Transplants
Donor Pretreatment with Tetrahydrobiopterin Saves Pancreatic Isografts from Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in a Mouse Model
Loss of Solute Carriers in T Cell-Mediated Rejection in Mouse and Human Kidneys: An Active Epithelial Injury–Repair Response
Early Withdrawal of Calcineurin Inhibitors and Everolimus Monotherapy in de novo Liver Transplant Recipients Preserves Renal Function
Renal Transplantation in HIV-Infected Patients: The Paris Experience
Loss of Nephrin Expression in Glomeruli of Kidney-Transplanted Patients Under m-TOR Inhibitor Therapy
A Risk Prediction Model for Delayed Graft Function in the Current Era of Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation
25-OH-Vitamin D Deficiency and Cellular Alloimmunity as Measured by Panel of Reactive T Cell Testing in Dialysis Patients
ATG-Fresenius Treatment and Low-Dose Tacrolimus: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial in Liver Transplantation
Trajectories of Alcohol Consumption Following Liver Transplantation
Once-Daily Prolonged-Release Tacrolimus (ADVAGRAF) Versus Twice-Daily Tacrolimus (PROGRAF) in Liver Transplantation
Renal Failure Five Years After Lung Transplantation Due to Polyomavirus BK-Associated Nephropathy
Skeletal Integrity and Visceral Transplantation
Process of Care Events in Transplantation: Effects on the Cost of Hospitalization
De novo Therapy with Everolimus, Low-Dose Ciclosporine A, Basiliximab and Steroid Elimination in Pediatric Kidney Transplantation
In Vivo Function of Immune Inhibitory Molecule B7-H4 in Alloimmune Responses
Embolization of Polycystic Kidneys as an Alternative to Nephrectomy Before Renal Transplantation: A Pilot Study
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Used to Heal Complex Urinary Fistula Wounds Following Renal Transplantation into an Ileal Conduit
Markets or Incentives: Terminology Is Critical
Terminology Influences Many Aspects of the Market/Incentives Debate
Response: DonorNet and the Potential Effects on Organ Utilization
Response: DonorNet and the Potential Effects on Organ Utilization
Mycophenolate Mofetil: A Possible Cause of Hemophagocytic Syndrome Following Renal Transplantation?