The AJT Report
Literature Watch Implications for transplantation
An Orchestrated Dance Between Differing Regulatory T Cell Phenotypes in Allograft Tolerance
Transplant Wobegon: Where All the Organs Are Used, All the Patients Are Transplanted, and All Programs Are Above Average
Deceased Donor Liver Allocation: Cutting the Gordian Knot
In Search of Perfection
Excerpt From PHS Guideline for Reducing HIV, HBV and HCV Transmission Through Organ Transplantation
Transplant Tolerance to Pancreatic Islets Is Initiated in the Graft and Sustained in the Spleen
ASKP1240, a Fully Human Anti-CD40 Monoclonal Antibody, Prolongs Pancreatic Islet Allograft Survival in Nonhuman Primates
Regulatory Dendritic Cell Infusion Prolongs Kidney Allograft Survival in Nonhuman Primates
Xenon Treatment Protects Against Cold Ischemia Associated Delayed Graft Function and Prolongs Graft Survival in Rats
Donor Simvastatin Treatment Prevents Ischemia-Reperfusion and Acute Kidney Injury by Preserving Microvascular Barrier Function
PI3Kδ Inhibition Augments the Efficacy of Rapamycin in Suppressing Proliferation of Epstein−Barr Virus (EBV)+ B Cell Lymphomas
Rates of False Flagging Due to Statistical Artifact in CMS Evaluations of Transplant Programs: Results of a Stochastic Simulation
Addressing Geographic Disparities in Liver Transplantation Through Redistricting
Social Media and Organ Donor Registration: The Facebook Effect
Disparities in Policies, Practices and Rates of Pediatric Kidney Transplantation in Europe
Influence of Test Technique on Sensitization Status of Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List
The Survival Benefit of Kidney Transplantation in Obese Patients
Frailty and Early Hospital Readmission After Kidney Transplantation
Association Between Steroid Dosage and Death With a Functioning Graft After Kidney Transplantation
Increased Metallothionein Expression Reflects Steroid Resistance in Renal Allograft Recipients
CMV Infection in the Donor and Increased Kidney Graft Loss: Impact of Full HLA-I Mismatch and Posttransplantation CD8+ Cell Reduction
Donor Surfactant Protein D (SP-D) Polymorphisms Are Associated With Lung Transplant Outcome
Epidemiology and Outcomes of Deep Surgical Site Infections Following Lung Transplantation
Primary Cutaneous Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Multicenter European Case Series
Pretreatment of Donor Islets With the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger Inhibitor Improves the Efficiency of Islet Transplantation
Vascularized Osteomyocutaneous Allografts Are Permissive to Tolerance by Induction-Based Immunomodulatory Therapy
Ex Vivo -Expanded Cynomolgus Macaque Regulatory T Cells Are Resistant to Alemtuzumab-Mediated Cytotoxicity
Eculizumab Improves Posttransplant Thrombotic Microangiopathy Due to Antiphospholipid Syndrome Recurrence but Fails to Prevent Chronic Vascular Changes
Deceased Organ Donor Screening for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C Viruses: A Survey of Organ Procurement Organization Practices
Conversion of Twice-Daily Tacrolimus to Once-Daily Tacrolimus Formulation in Stable Pediatric Kidney Transplant Recipients: Pharmacokinetics and Efficacy
Mycobacterium llatzerense Lung Infection in a Liver Transplant Recipient: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Two Patients With History of STEC-HUS, Posttransplant Recurrence and Complement Gene Mutations
Combined Pancreatic Islet and Kidney Transplantation in a Child With Unstable Type 1 Diabetes and End-Stage Renal Disease
A Single Center Experience of Abdominal Wall Graft Rejection After Combined Intestinal and Abdominal Wall Transplantation
Emergence of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus Causing Severe Human Illness—China, February–April 2013
A Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy in Patients With Anomalies of the Inferior Vena Cava
Donor-Derived Tuberculosis (TB) Infection in Lung Transplant Despite Following Recommended Algorithm
Passenger Lymphocyte Syndrome: Use of Archived Donor Organ Biopsy Obtained at the Time of Transplantation for Diagnosis
Response to “Dynamic Challenges Inhibiting Optimal Adoption of Kidney Paired Donation: Findings of a Consensus Conference” by Melcher et al.
The Role of CMV and EBV in Renal Allograft Loss
The Role of CMV and EBV Renal Allograft Loss