The AJT Report
Literature Watch Implications for transplantation
One Kidney for Life
Desensitization Outcomes: Quantifying and Questioning
New Kid on the Pretransplant Block: IgG Recognizing Apoptotic Cells
Optimal Liver Allocation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Hurry up AND wait, but which one when?
The Role of Hypoxia-Inducible Factors in Organ Donation and Transplantation: The Current Perspective and Future Opportunities
Death-Defining Immune Responses After Apoptosis
Kidney Transplant Access in the Southeast: View From the Bottom
Kidney Transplant Access in the Southeastern United States: The Need for a Top-Down Transformation
Differential Requirement for P2X7R Function in IL-17 Dependent vs. IL-17 Independent Cellular Immune Responses
Enhancing Human Islet Transplantation by Localized Release of Trophic Factors From PLG Scaffolds
Long-Term Allogeneic Islet Graft Survival in Prevascularized Subcutaneous Sites Without Immunosuppressive Treatment
Prevention of Nonimmunologic Loss of Transplanted Islets in Monkeys
ATF6 Mediates a Pro-Inflammatory Synergy Between ER Stress and TLR Activation in the Pathogenesis of Liver Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
Dialysis Facility and Network Factors Associated With Low Kidney Transplantation Rates Among United States Dialysis Facilities
Quantifying the Risk of Incompatible Kidney Transplantation: A Multicenter Study
Pretransplant IgG Reactivity to Apoptotic Cells Correlates With Late kidney Allograft Loss
Center-Defined Unacceptable HLA Antigens Facilitate Transplants for Sensitized Patients in a Multi-Center Kidney Exchange Program
Long-Term Results in Recipients of Combined HLA-Mismatched Kidney and Bone Marrow Transplantation Without Maintenance Immunosuppression
Kidney Allograft Function and Histology in Recipients Dying With a Functioning Graft
Epstein–Barr Virus Infection in Adult Renal Transplant Recipients
A Randomized, Prospective, Parallel Group Study of Laparoscopic Versus Laparoendoscopic Single Site Donor Nephrectomy for Kidney Donation
Liver Transplantation in Recipients Receiving Renal Replacement Therapy: Outcomes Analysis and the Role of Intraoperative Hemodialysis
Dynamics of Allograft Fibrosis in Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Waiting Time and Explant Pathology in Transplant Recipients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Novel Study Using National Data
De Novo Donor-Specific HLA Antibodies: Biomarkers of Pancreas Transplant Failure
Genetic Variation in Immunoglobulin G Receptor Affects Survival After Lung Transplantation
Guiding Postablative Lymphocyte Reconstitution as a Route Toward Transplantation Tolerance
The First Clinical Case of Intermediate Ex Vivo Normothermic Perfusion in Renal Transplantation
First Confirmed Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Infection in the United States, Updated Information on the Epidemiology of MERS-CoV Infection, and Guidance for the Public, Clinicians, and Public Health Authorities—May 2014
Emesis Following Laparoscopic Left Donor Nephrectomy
Impact of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients' New Bayesian Method on Estimating Center Effects and Flagging of Centers as Worse Than Expected
The Creativity and Commitment of Organ Procurement Personnel Overcome the Logistical Complexities of International Organ Donations
Who Pleads for the Majority?
Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Is Universal Screening the Right Approach?
Screening for Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Low-Incidence Areas