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Literature Watch Implications for transplantation
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Organ Procurement From Executed Prisoners in China
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Depletion of Foxp3+ T Cells Abrogates Tolerance of Skin and Heart Allografts in Murine Mixed Chimeras Without the Loss of Mixed Chimerism
Pig-to-Monkey Islet Xenotransplantation Using Multi-Transgenic Pigs
Impact of the Lung Allocation Score on Survival Beyond 1 Year
Donor Smoking Is Associated With Pulmonary Edema, Inflammation and Epithelial Dysfunction in Ex Vivo Human Donor Lungs
Disparities in Access to Kidney Transplantation Between Donor Service Areas in Texas
Survival Benefit of Primary Deceased Donor Transplantation With High-KDPI Kidneys
Risk of Metabolic Complications in Kidney Transplantation After Conversion to mTOR Inhibitor: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Hepatic Syndecan-1 Changes Associate With Dyslipidemia After Renal Transplantation
Urinary Metabolomics for Noninvasive Detection of Borderline and Acute T Cell–Mediated Rejection in Children After Kidney Transplantation
The Clinical Spectrum of De Novo Donor-Specific Antibodies in Pediatric Renal Transplant Recipients
Immune Response to Tissue-Restricted Self-Antigens Induces Airway Inflammation and Fibrosis Following Murine Lung Transplantation
The Combination of Anti-NKG2D and CTLA-4 Ig Therapy Prolongs Islet Allograft Survival in a Murine Model
Successful Transplantation of Kidney Allografts in Sensitized Rats After Syngeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Fludarabine
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy as a Weight Reduction Strategy in Obese Patients After Kidney Transplantation
Effect of High-Intensity Training Versus Moderate Training on Peak Oxygen Uptake and Chronotropic Response in Heart Transplant Recipients: A Randomized Crossover Trial
Paclitaxel-Coated Balloons in Refractory Nonanastomostic Airway Stenosis Following Lung Transplantation
High CXCL-16 Levels Correlate With Symptomatic Disease in Lung Transplant Recipients With Human Cytomegalovirus Replication in the Allograft
Combined Liver and Lung Transplantation With Extended Normothermic Lung Preservation in a Patient With End-Stage Emphysema Complicated by Drug-Induced Acute Liver Failure
Donor-Transmitted HTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy in a Kidney Transplant Recipient—Case Report and Literature Review
West Nile Virus and Other Arboviral Diseases—United States, 2013
Right Homonymous Hemianopsia and Seizures in a Liver Transplant Recipient
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T Regulatory Cell Adoptive Therapy for Tolerance Induction in Autoimmunity and Transplantation
Counseling Potential Donors to the Risk of ESRD After Kidney Donation: Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?