Emerging Therapies Targeting Intra-Organ Inflammation in Transplantation

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Over the past several years, the field of transplantation has witnessed significant progress on several fronts; in particular, achievements have been made in devising novel immunosuppressive strategies. An under-explored area that may hold great potential to improve transplantation outcomes is the design of novel strategies to apply specifically to organs to reduce intra-graft inflammation. A growing body of evidence indicates a key role of intra-graft inflammatory cascade in potently instigating the alloimmune response. Indeed, controlling the activation of innate immunity/inflammatory responses has been shown to be a promising strategy to increase the graft acceptance and survival. In this minireview, we provide an overview of emerging targeted strategies, which can be directly applied to grafts to down-regulate intra-graft inflammation prior to transplantation.

The authors review allograft-directed therapies that are specifically targeted at intra-graft inflammation and injury, and outline potential therapeutic strategies.

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