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LITERATURE WATCH Implications for transplantation
Surgical Technique in Transplantation: How Much Does It Matter?
On the Road, Looking for Signposts to Tolerance: Making Progress or Spinning Wheels?
Innate Lymphoid Cells in Graft-Versus-Host Disease
What's Hot, What's New in Basic Science: Report From the American Transplant Congress 2015
What's Hot, What's New in Clinical Organ Transplantation: Report From the American Transplant Congress 2015
Epstein–Barr Virus Modulates Host Cell MicroRNA-194 to Promote IL-10 Production and B Lymphoma Cell Survival
A Novel, Blocking, Fc-Silent Anti-CD40 Monoclonal Antibody Prolongs Nonhuman Primate Renal Allograft Survival in the Absence of B Cell Depletion
Long-Term Control of Diabetes in Immunosuppressed Nonhuman Primates (NHP) by the Transplantation of Adult Porcine Islets
Islet Heparan Sulfate but Not Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan Core Protein Is Lost During Islet Isolation and Undergoes Recovery Post-Islet Transplantation
Treatment With Tetrahydrobiopterin Overcomes Brain Death–Associated Injury in a Murine Model of Pancreas Transplantation
Hyperglycemia and Liver Ischemia Reperfusion Injury: A Role for the Advanced Glycation Endproduct and Its Receptor Pathway
Nox2 Is a Mediator of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
The Effect of Anastomosis Time on Outcome in Recipients of Kidneys Donated After Brain Death: A Cohort Study
Longitudinal Studies of a B Cell–Derived Signature of Tolerance in Renal Transplant Recipients
Rates and Determinants of Progression to Graft Failure in Kidney Allograft Recipients With De Novo Donor-Specific Antibody
Successful Transplantation of Kidneys From Elderly Circulatory Death Donors by Using Microscopic and Macroscopic Characteristics to Guide Single or Dual Implantation
Graft Arterial Stenosis in Kidney En Bloc Grafts From Very Small Pediatric Donors: Incidence, Timing, and Role of Ultrasound in Screening
Kidney Retransplantation in the Ipsilateral Iliac Fossa: A Surgical Challenge
A Registry Analysis of Damage to the Deceased Donor Pancreas During Procurement
Preoperative Arterial Embolization Facilitates Multivisceral Transplantation for Portomesenteric Thrombosis
Hospital-Onset Clostridium difficile Infection Among Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
Cost-Effectiveness of Pediatric Heart Transplantation Across a Positive Crossmatch for High Waitlist Urgency Candidates
Primary Prevention of Skin Dysplasia in Renal Transplant Recipients With Photodynamic Therapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Common Hepatic Artery as Inflow in Kidney Transplantation
Long-Term Immunosuppression After Solitary Islet Transplantation Is Associated With Preserved C-Peptide Secretion for More Than a Decade
Vital Signs: Estimated Effects of a Coordinated Approach for Action to Reduce Antibiotic-Resistant Infections in Health Care Facilities — United States
A 71-Year-Old Kidney Transplant Recipient With Hemorrhagic Mucocutaneous Lesions
Definition of Chronic Hepatitis E After Liver Transplant Conforms to Convention
Need to Consider Full Societal Impact of Hepatitis B Virus-Positive Donors
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