Percutaneous revascularization in patients treated with thoracic radiation for cancer

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To assess coronary revascularization outcomes in patients with previous thoracic radiation therapy (XRT).


Previous chest radiation has been reported to adversely affect long term survival in patients with coronary disease treated with percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).


Retrospective, single center cohort study of patients previously treated with thoracic radiation and PCI. Patients were propensity matched against control patients without radiation undergoing revascularization during the same time period.


We identified 116 patients with radiation followed by PCI (XRT-PCI group) and 408 controls. Acute procedural complications were similar between groups. There were no differences in all-cause and cardiac mortality between groups (all-cause mortality HR 1.31, P = .078; cardiac mortality 0.78, P = .49).


Patients with prior thoracic radiation and coronary disease treated with PCI have similar procedural complications and long term mortality when compared to control subjects.

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