Rationale and design of the Hunting for the off-target propertIes of Ticagrelor on Endothelial function and other Circulating biomarkers in Humans (HI-TECH) trial

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BackgroundAmong the 3 approved oral P2Y12 inhibitors for the treatment for patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS), ticagrelor, but not prasugrel or clopidogrel, has been associated with off-target properties, such as improved endothelial-dependent vasomotion and increased adenosine plasma levels.MethodsThe HI-TECH study (NCT02587260) is a multinational, randomized, open-label, crossover study with a Latin squares design, conducted at 5 European sites, in which patients free from recurrent ischemic or bleeding events ≥30 days after a qualifying ACS were allocated to sequentially receive a 30 ± 5-day treatment with prasugrel, clopidogrel, and ticagrelor in random order. The primary objective was to evaluate whether ticagrelor, at treatment steady state (ie, after 30 ± 5 days of drug administration), as compared with both clopidogrel and prasugrel, is associated with an improved endothelial function, assessed with peripheral arterial tonometry. Thirty-six patients undergoing evaluable endothelial function assessment for each of the assigned P2Y12 inhibitor were needed to provide 90% power to detect a 10% relative change of the reactive hyperemia index in the ticagrelor group.ConclusionThe HI-TECH study is the first randomized, crossover study aiming to ascertain whether ticagrelor, when administered at approved regimen in post-ACS patients, improves endothelial function as compared with both clopidogrel and prasugrel.

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