Amino acid studies in transient acute polymorphic psychosis
Portal-drained viscera and hepatic fluxes of branched-chain amino acids do not account for differences in circulating branched-chain amino acids in rats fed arginine-deficient diets
Identification of a specific protein in the mitochondrial fraction of the rat heart whose phosphorylation is inhibited by taurine
Expression of ornithine carbamoyltransferase gene in rat hepatoma-derived cell lines, H4-II-E and R-Y121B
Plasma carnitine status - a prognostic factor in children with dilated cardiomyopathy
Distribution of mapping points of 20 amino acids in the tetrahedral space
Phenytoin protected mouse cortical cell cultures against neurotoxicity induced by kainate but not by NMDA
Synthesis and characterisation of D-amino acid-based oligopeptides for use as probes of the influence of molecular structure on the paracellular route of gastrointestinal drug uptake
Canavanine derivatives useful in peptide synthesis