Dedication to honor Dr. John A. Sturman
Changes in mediobasal hypothalamic dopamine and GABA release
The effects of the β 2-agonist drug clenbuterol on taurine levels in heart and other tissues in the rat
Precursors of taurine in female genital tract
Activation of adenosine A2 receptors enhances high K+-evoked taurine release from rat hippocampus
Effects of taurine depletion on cell migration and NCAM expression in cultures of dissociated mouse cerebellum and N2A cells
Antidiuretic hormone infusion reduces taurine and NaCl-induced hypernatremia in the rats
Pharmacological characterization of the effects of taurine on calcium uptake in the rat retina
Renal excretory responses of taurine-depleted rats to hypotonic and hypertonic saline infusion
Locally infused taurine, GABA and homotaurine alter differently the striatal extracellular concentrations of dopamine and its metabolites in rats
Shape and size changes induced by taurine depletion in neonatal cardiomyocytes
Expression and localization of cysteine dioxygenase mRNA in the liver, lung, and kidney of the rat
Immunohistochemical localization of taurine in various tissues of the mouse
Is there a correlation between taurine levels and xenobioticinduced perturbations in protein synthesis?
Effects of in vivo taurine depletion on induced- chemiluminescence production in macrophages isolated from rat lungs