Homocysteine in the context of cobalamin metabolism and deficiency states
New perspectives on the role of amine oxidases in physiopathology
Proteomic analysis of the cell envelope fraction of Escherichia coli
Chromatographic determination of L- and D-amino acids in plants
Effects of human growth hormone (hrGH) treatment on amine metabolism in rats subjected to extensive small bowel resection
Polyamine metabolism in primary human colon adenocarcinoma cells (SW480) and their lymph node metastatic derivatives (SW620)
Degradation of tryptophan and related indolic compounds by ruminal bacteria, protozoa and their mixture in vitro
Branched chain amino acids as source of specific branched chain volatile fatty acids during the fermentation process of fish sauce *
Co-variation of plasma sodium, taurine and other amino acid levels in critical illness *
Mitochondrial nitric oxide inhibits ATP synthesis Effect of free calcium in rat heart
Alterations in hepatic metabolism of sulfur-containing amino acids induced by ethanol in rats
Protein levels of genes encoded on chromosome 21 in fetal Down syndrome brain
Protein levels of genes encoded on chromosome 21 in fetal Down syndrome brain
Protein levels of genes encoded on chromosome 21 in fetal Down syndrome brain
Studies on the utilization of methionine sulfoxide and methionine sulfone by rumen microorganisms in vitro
Preservation of amino acids during long term ischemia and subsequent reflow with supplementation of L-arginine, the nitric oxide precursor, in the rat heart
Determination of the standard Gibbs energies of transfer of cations and anions of amino acids and small peptides across the water nitrobenzene interface
Taurine-evoked chloride current and its potentiation by intracellular Ca2+ in immature rat hippocampal CA1 neurons
Effect of D-amino acids on some mitochondrial functions in rat liver
Volatile constituents of glutathione - ribose model system and its antioxidant activity
Isolation of the bifunctional enzyme lysine 2-oxoglutarate reductase-saccharopine dehydrogenase from Phaseolus vulgaris
Polyamine oxidase activity in rats treated with mitoguazone
Production of cysteine for bacterial and plant biotechnology
Free amino acids in the haemolymph of honey bee queens (Apis mellifera L.)
Characterization of N-methyl-D-aspartate-evoked taurine release in the developing and adult mouse hippocampus
Hamster D-amino-acid oxidase cDNA
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