Special Issue
Free radical-mediated oxidation of free amino acids and amino acid residues in proteins
Recent advances in the analysis of oxidized proteins
Tyrosine oxidation products
Dityrosine as a product of oxidative stress and fluorescent probe
Histidine and lysine as targets of oxidative modification
Hypochlorite-induced oxidation of amino acids, peptides and proteins
Maillard reaction products in tissue proteins
Scavenger receptors for oxidized and glycated proteins
Peroxynitrite reactivity with amino acids and proteins
Thiolation and nitrosation of cysteines in biological fluids and cells
A review of approaches to the analysis of 3-nitrotyrosine
Amino acid and protein oxidation in cardiovascular disease
Protein oxidation at the air-lung interface
Homocysteine and oxidative stress
Proteomics for the identification of specifically oxidized proteins in brain
Relevance of protein nitration in brain injury
Redox regulation of heat shock protein expression in aging and neurodegenerative disorders associated with oxidative stress