Pitfalls in Proteomics 1
Catabolism of polyamines
Threonine metabolism in Japanese quail liver
Endogenous production of hydrogen sulfide in mammals
Protein levels of genes encoded on chromosome 21 in fetal Down Syndrome brain (Part V)
Augmented taurine release is not the mechanism of ischemic preconditioning's cardioprotection
Beneficial effects of taurine on serum lipids in overweight or obese non-diabetic subjects
Mitochondrial alterations induced by serum amine oxidase and spermine on human multidrug resistant tumor cells
Synthesis and investigation of a new cyclo ( N α -dipicolinoyl) pentapeptide of a breast and CNS cytotoxic activity and an ionophoric specificity
The facile HPLC enantioresolution of amino acids, peptides on naphthylethylcarbamate-β-cyclodextrin bonded phases using the acetonitrile-based mobile phase after their pre-column derivatization with phenyl isothiocyanate
Hoe 140 abolishes the blood pressure lowering effect of taurine in high fructose-fed rats