Special issue
Polyamines and cancer
Mammary histidine decarboxylase vulnerability to enzyme antisense oligonucleotides
How important is the oxidative degradation of spermine?
Arginine pathways and the inflammatory response
Protein-polyamine conjugation by transglutaminase in cancer cell differentiation
Biogenic amines and apoptosis
Arginine revisited
Inhibitors of polyamine metabolism
The transglutaminase family: an overview
The multifaceted role of transglutaminase in neurodegeneration
Transglutaminase 2 in celiac disease
Tissue transglutaminase in normal and abnormal wound healing
Overexpressed transglutaminase 5 triggers cell death
Translational and post-translational modifications of proteins as a new mechanism of action of Alpha-Interferon
Producing transglutaminases by molecular farming in plants
Transglutaminase 5 is acetylated at the N-terminal end
Biochemical mechanisms for a possible involvement of the transglutaminase activity in the pathogenesis of the polyglutamine diseases
Acetylation of proteins as novel target for antitumor therapy
The translation elongation factor 1A in tumorigenesis, signal transduction and apoptosis