Cysteine S -conjugate β-lyases
Circular dichroism and cross-linking studies of bacteriorhodopsin mutants
Synthesis, tandem MS- and NMR-based characterization, and quantification of the carbon 13-labeled advanced glycation endproduct, 6- N -carboxymethyllysine
Characterisation of the thiol-disulphide chemistry of desmopressin by LC, μ-LC, LC-ESI-MS and Maldi-Tof
Enhancing effect of taurine on CYP7A1 mRNA expression in Hep G2 cells
Using cellular automata images and pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein subcellular location
Reaction of pyridoxamine with malondialdehyde
Identification of inducible protein complexes in the phenol degrader Pseudomonas sp. strain phDV1 by blue native gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry
Functional characterization of brain mitochondrial nitric oxide synthase during hypertension and aging
Plasma arginine correlations in trauma and sepsis
Relationship of taurine and other amino acids in plasma and in neutrophils of septic trauma patients
An efficient route from trifluoroacetates to water soluble free amines using Diaion® HP-20
A method for simple identification of signature peptides derived from polyUb-K48 and K63 by MALDI-TOF MS and chemically assisted MS/MS fragmentation
14-3-3 proteins are involved in the regulation of mammalian cell proliferation