Primary kidney growth and its consequences at the onset of diabetes mellitus
Nitric oxide and polyamine pathway-dependent modulation of neutrophil free amino- and α-keto acid profiles or host defense capability
Production of hypotaurine, taurine and sulfate in rats and mice injected with L-cysteinesulfinate
Characteristics of taurine release in slices from adult and developing mouse brain stem
Near infrared spectroscopy, cluster and multivariate analysis hyphenated to thin layer chromatography for the analysis of amino acids
Synthesis of α-trifluoromethyl α-amino acids with aromatic, heteroaromatic and ferrocenyl subunits in the side chain
Gas chromatographic determination and mechanism of formation of D-amino acids occurring in fermented and roasted cocoa beans, cocoa powder, chocolate and cocoa shell
Anti-SARS drug screening by molecular docking
Diuretic potential of energy drinks
Synthesis and characterization of aspartic acid complexes of antimony and bismuth triiodide