In Memoriam Werner J. Schmidt
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The five bromotryptophans
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Detecting oxidative post-translational modifications in proteins
Prediction of protein subcellular localization by support vector machines using multi-scale energy and pseudo amino acid composition
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Concise preparation of N α -Fmoc- N ε -(Boc, methyl)-lysine and its application in the synthesis of site-specifically lysine monomethylated peptide
Protease-catalyzed synthesis of the tripeptide CCK26-28, a fragment of CCK-8
A fluorescent electrophilic reagent, 9-fluorenone-4-carbonyl chloride (FCC), for the enantioresolution of amino acids on a teicoplanin phase under the elution of the methanol-based solvent mixture
The apoptotic effect of intercalating agents on HPV-negative cervical cancer C-33A cells
Multi-layered network structure of amino acid (AA) metabolism characterized by each essential AA-deficient condition
A facile HPLC method for optical purity and quantitative measurements of phenylalanine from the hydrolyzed aspartame under different pH and temperature after its derivatization with a fluorescent reagent
Virtual screening for finding natural inhibitor against cathepsin-L for SARS therapy
The time-profile of the PBMC HSP70 response to in vitro heat shock appears temperature-dependent
Variation in proton affinity of the guanidino group between free and blocked arginine
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