Structural diversity of bicyclic amino acids
Differences in amino acids composition and coupling patterns between mesophilic and thermophilic proteins
Polyamines and abiotic stress
α-Amino acid behaves differently from β- or γ-amino acids as treated by trimetaphosphate
Relationships between the sedative and hypnotic effects of intracerebroventricular administration of L-serine and its metabolites, pyruvate and the derivative amino acids contents in the neonatal chicks under acute stressful conditions
Kinetics of the photosensitized oxidation of chymotrypsin in different media
High-throughput capillary electrophoresis method for plasma cysteinylglycine measurement
Taurine release in developing mouse hippocampus is modulated by glutathione and glutathione derivatives
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Expression profiles of the genes associated with metabolism and transport of amino acids and their derivatives in rat liver regeneration
Predicting DNA-binding proteins
Using pseudo amino acid composition to predict transmembrane regions in protein
Using pseudo amino acid composition to predict protein subnuclear location with improved hybrid approach
A MBP-FAAH fusion protein as a tool to produce human and rat fatty acid amide hydrolase
Protective effect of oxidative stress in HaCaT keratinocytes expressing E7 oncogene
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Application of several types of substrates to ficin-catalyzed peptide synthesis
Cloning and expression analysis of YY1AP-related protein in the rat brain
1-( N -chloroacetylamino)-alkylphosphonic acids - synthetic precursors of phosphonopeptides
Taurine reduces caspase-8 and caspase-9 expression induced by ischemia in the mouse hypothalamic nuclei