Prediction of subcellular location apoptosis proteins with ensemble classifier and feature selection
Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of non-peptide PAR1 thrombin receptor antagonists based on small bifunctional templates
Molecular characterisation of the low-molecular weight glutenin subunit genes of tall wheatgrass and functional properties of one clone Ee34
Cystatin like thiol proteinase inhibitor from pancreas of Capra hircus
Interactions of α1-proteinase inhibitor with small ligands of therapeutic potential
Effects of glutamine supplementation on kidney of diabetic rat
Quantification of thyrotropin-releasing hormone by liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry
Complete sequencing of the recombinant granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (filgrastim) and detection of biotinylation by mass spectrometry
β-alanine elevates dopamine levels in the rat nucleus accumbens
Analogues of both Leu- and Met-enkephalin containing a constrained dipeptide isostere prepared from a Baylis-Hillman adduct
NMDA receptor activation induces differential epigenetic modification of Bdnf promoters in hippocampal neurons
Label-free quantitation, an extension to 2DB
Cysteine, thiourea and thiocyanate interactions with clays
Generation of reactive oxygen species by beta amyloid fibrils and oligomers involves different intra/extracellular pathways
Generation of reactive oxygen species by beta amyloid fibrils and oligomers involves different intra/extracellular pathways
Post-exercise carbohydrate plus whey protein hydrolysates supplementation increases skeletal muscle glycogen level in rats
Transgenic manipulation of a single polyamine in poplar cells affects the accumulation of all amino acids
Mass spectrometrical characterisation of mouse and rat synapsin isoforms 2a and 2b
Suppressive effect of dexamethasone on TIMP-1 production involves murine osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cell apoptosis
Inhibitors of N α-acetyl-L-ornithine deacetylase
Daily pattern of pituitary glutamine, glutamate, and aspartate content disrupted by cadmium exposure
Enhancement of menadione stress tolerance in yeast by accumulation of hypotaurine and taurine
Computational structure-activity study directs synthesis of novel antitumor enkephalin analogs
Effect of Red Bull energy drink on cardiovascular and renal function
Predicting subcellular location of apoptosis proteins based on wavelet transform and support vector machine
Toward quantitative characterization of the binding profile between the human amphiphysin-1 SH3 domain and its peptide ligands
Histamine modulates the cellular stress response in yeast
L-Arginine stimulates proliferation and prevents endotoxin-induced death of intestinal cells
A mouse protein interactome through combined literature mining with multiple sources of interaction evidence
Microwave-assisted synthesis and characterization of optically active poly (ester-imide)s incorporating L-alanine
EBP50 exerts tumor suppressor activity by promoting cell apoptosis and retarding extracellular signal-regulated kinase activity
Role of the guanidine group in the N-terminal fragment of PTH(1-11)