Plasma levels and urinary excretion of amino acids by subjects with renal calculi
Induction of type I interferon by RNA viruses: cellular receptors and their substrates
Synthesis of novel MMT/acyl-protected nucleo alanine monomers for the preparation of DNA/alanyl-PNA chimeras
Erratum to: Synthesis of novel MMT/acyl-protected nucleo alanine monomers for the preparation of DNA/alanyl-PNA chimeras
In vivo biosynthesis of an Ala-scan library based on the cyclic peptide SFTI-1
Oral supplementation with l-aspartate and l-glutamate inhibits atherogenesis and fatty liver disease in cholesterol-fed rabbit
Shotgun proteomic analysis of the fat body during metamorphosis of domesticated silkworm ( Bombyx mori )
Aqueous-phase quantitative NMR determination of amino acid enantiomer ratio by 13C-NMR using chiral neodymium shift reagent
Plasma catecholamine and nephrine responses following 7 weeks of sprint cycle training
Tryptophan and iodothyronine transport interactions in HepG2 human hepatoma cells
Microwave irradiation as a versatile tool for increasing reaction rates and yields in synthesis of optically active polyamides containing flexible l-leucine amino acid
Detection of d-amino acids in purified proteins synthesized in Escherichia coli
Adenosine receptor agonists affect taurine release from mouse brain stem slices in ischemia
Chemiluminescence from thermal oxidation of amino acids and proteins
Urocortin 1 administered into the hypothalamic supraoptic nucleus affects open-field behaviour in rats
Imaging of human glioma cells by means of a Syndecan-4 directed DOTA-conjugate
In vitro heat shock of human monocytes results in a proportional increase of inducible Hsp70 expression according to the basal content
Effects of zinc ex vivo and intracellular zinc chelator in vivo on taurine uptake in goldfish retina
Medium optimization for production of gamma-aminobutyric acid by Lactobacillus brevis NCL912
Synthesis of the siderophore pyoverdine in Pseudomonas aeruginosa involves a periplasmic maturation
Regulation of redox forms of plasma thiols by albumin in multiple sclerosis after fasting and methionine loading test
Changes in plasma amino acid concentrations with increasing age in patients with propionic acidemia
Daily quadratic trend in basal monocyte expressed HSP72 in healthy human subjects
Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and biological activity of a novel nucleopeptide with Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity
Using auto covariance method for functional discrimination of membrane proteins based on evolution information
Icaritin induces growth inhibition and apoptosis of human prostatic smooth muscle cells in an estrogen receptor-independent manner
Chronic hyperhomocysteinemia impairs vascular function in ovariectomized rat carotid arteries
Free amino acid production during tomato fruit ripening: a focus on l-glutamate
Distinct anabolic signalling responses to amino acids in C2C12 skeletal muscle cells
Enriching the viral-host interactomes with interactions mediated by SH3 domains
Synthesis and biological activity of oxytocin analogues containing unnatural amino acids in position 9: structure activity study
Evidence for the involvement of d-aspartic acid in learning and memory of rat
Isoform-specific determinants in the HP1 binding to histone 3: insights from molecular simulations
Subcellular localization of the interaction between the human immunodeficiency virus transactivator Tat and the nucleosome assembly protein 1
Metabolic stability of human parathyroid hormone peptide hPTH (1-34) in rat tissue homogenates: kinetics and products of proteolytic degradation
Relevance of allosteric conformations and homocarnosine concentration on carnosinase activity
Folding properties of the hepatitis B core as a carrier protein for vaccination research
Susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to catechol-substituted cephalosporin is unrelated to the pyochelin-Fe transporter FptA