Restriction factors of retroviral replication: the example of Tripartite Motif (TRIM) protein 5α and 22
Positron emission tomography imaging of prostate cancer
Metabolic correlations of glucocorticoids and polyamines in inflammation and apoptosis
Nucleobase-containing peptides: an overview of their characteristic features and applications
Structural analysis of the complex between calmodulin and full-length myelin basic protein, an intrinsically disordered molecule
Erratum to: Structural analysis of the complex between calmodulin and full-length myelin basic protein, an intrinsically disordered molecule
Involvement of individual hippocampal signaling protein levels in spatial memory formation is strain-dependent
Taurine inhibits osteoclastogenesis through the taurine transporter
Prediction of mitochondrial proteins of malaria parasite using split amino acid composition and PSSM profile
Potential therapeutic radiotracers: preparation, biodistribution and metabolic characteristics of 177Lu-labeled cyclic RGDfK dimer
2-Oxo-2 H -benzo[ h ]benzopyran as a new light sensitive protecting group for neurotransmitter amino acids
LyeTx I, a potent antimicrobial peptide from the venom of the spider Lycosa erythrognatha
The effects of a low protein diet on amino acids and enzymes in the serine synthesis pathway in mice
CSD mRNA expression in rat testis and the effect of taurine on testosterone secretion
Synthesis of orthogonally protected l- threo -β-ethoxyasparagine
Partitioning of acidic, basic and neutral amino acids into imidazolium-based ionic liquids
Synthesis of a new family of 2-ethylidene-γ-unsaturated δ-amino esters via microwave activated Stille coupling
Crucial roles of membrane stability and its related proteins in the tolerance of peach fruit to chilling injury
Functional interactions among STIM1, Orai1 and TRPC1 on the activation of SOCs in HL-7702 cells
The involvement of NMDA and AMPA receptors in the mechanism of antidepressant-like action of zinc in the forced swim test
Intramuscular adaptations to eccentric exercise and antioxidant supplementation
Mimetics of the disulfide bridge between the N- and C-terminal cysteines of the KLK3-stimulating peptide B-2
Generation of in silico predicted coxsackievirus B3-derived MHC class I epitopes by proteasomes
Transglutaminase participates in the blockade of neurotransmitter release by tetanus toxin: evidence for a novel biological function
Wild type but not mutant APP is involved in protective adaptive responses against oxidants
Profiling of residue-level photo-oxidative damage in peptides
Thermodynamics of binding of regulatory ligands to tissue transglutaminase
Stereoselective introduction of two chiral centers by a single diketoreductase: an efficient biocatalytic route for the synthesis of statin side chains
2-(Phenylethyl)ammonium hydrogensquarate hemihydrate: crystal structure, solid-state IR-spectroscopic and theoretical characterization
Amino acid content and nectar choice by forager honeybees ( Apis mellifera L.)
Addendum to 11th International Congress on Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins