Guidelines for experimental design and data analysis of proteomic mass spectrometry-based experiments
Two intracellular helices of G-protein coupling receptors could generally support oligomerization and coupling with transducers
Polyamine metabolism in Leishmania
An overview of the therapeutic effects of leucine supplementation on skeletal muscle under atrophic conditions
Peptide and glycopeptide dendrimers and analogous dendrimeric structures and their biomedical applications
Maintenance of Y receptor dimers in epithelial cells depends on interaction with G-protein heterotrimers
Two coiled-coil regions of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae harpin differ in oligomerization and hypersensitive response induction
Daily hypoxia increases basal monocyte HSP72 expression in healthy human subjects
Reversed-phase liquid chromatographic resolution of diastereomers of protein and non-protein amino acids prepared with newly synthesized chiral derivatizing reagents based on cyanuric chloride
Towards non-peptide ANG II AT1 receptor antagonists based on urocanic acid
Activation of the AtoSC two-component system in the absence of the AtoC N-terminal receiver domain in E. coli
Artificial intelligence systems based on texture descriptors for vaccine development
The agmatine-degrading enzyme agmatinase
Role of the active site residues arginine-216 and arginine-237 in the substrate specificity of mammalian d-aspartate oxidase
Memantine reduces consumption of highly palatable food in a rat model of binge eating
Synthesis of soluble poly(amide-ether-imide-urea)s bearing amino acid moieties in the main chain under green media (ionic liquid)
Why OppA protein can bind sequence-independent peptides? A combination of QM/MM, PB/SA, and structure-based QSAR analyses
Immunomodulatory activities of a new pentapeptide (Bursopentin) from the chicken bursa of Fabricius
Oxidative stress increases SNAT1 expression and stimulates cysteine uptake in freshly isolated rat cardiomyocytes
A new chiral derivatizing agent for the HPLC separation of α-amino acids on a standard reverse-phase column
Ionic liquid catalyzed synthesis and characterization of heterocyclic and optically active poly (amide-imide)s incorporating l-amino acids
Cysteine fluxes across the portal-drained viscera of enterally fed minipigs
Uptake and conversion of d-amino acids in Arabidopsis thaliana
Exogenous proline effects on water relations and ions contents in leaves and roots of young olive
Acute hyperammonemia activates branched-chain amino acid catabolism and decreases their extracellular concentrations
Glutamine prevents myostatin hyperexpression and protein hypercatabolism induced in C2C12 myotubes by tumor necrosis factor-α
Different cytoplasmic/nuclear distribution of S6 protein phosphorylated at S240/244 and S235/236
S -propargyl-cysteine (ZYZ-802), a sulphur-containing amino acid, attenuates beta-amyloid-induced cognitive deficits and pro-inflammatory response
Synthesis, characterization and in vitro antimicrobial and biodegradability study of pseudo-poly(amino acid)s derived from N,N ′-(pyromellitoyl)- bis -l-tyrosine dimethyl ester as a chiral bioactive diphenolic monomer
Mcm1p binding sites in the ARG1 promoter positively regulate ARG1 transcription and S. cerevisiae growth in the absence of arginine and Gcn4p
An efficient route towards a new branched tetrahydrofurane δ-sugar amino acid from a pyrolysis product of cellulose
A proteomic analysis of PKCε targets in astrocytes
Plasma nitroproteome of kidney disease patients
LC/MS evaluation of metabolism and membrane transport of bombesin peptides
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Calcium and zinc complexes of pyrroglutamate analogs detected by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Plasma free amino acid kinetics in rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) using a bolus injection of 15N-labeled amino acids
Observed peptide p I and retention time shifts as a result of post-translational modifications in multidimensional separations using narrow-range IPG-IEF
Preliminary kinetic characterization of a copper amine oxidase from rat liver mitochondria matrix
Diacyl glycerol arginine-based surfactants
A peptide mimic of the chemotaxis inhibitory protein of Staphylococcus aureus
Characterization of calmodulin binding domains in TRPV2 and TRPV5 C-tails
Studies on the assembly of a leucine zipper antibacterial peptide and its analogs onto mammalian cells and bacteria
β-Lactam antibiotic produces a sustained reduction in extracellular glutamate in the nucleus accumbens of rats