Reflections on Quagmires for Clinicians and Coaches: Comment on Gebhardt (2016)

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Professional coaching can be considered an example of a postprofessional discipline—a discipline that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional clinical psychology and business consulting and coaching. Not surprisingly, a number of potential quagmires in relation to ethical, educational, and credentialing issues have arisen. However, such tensions present an opportunity to build more solid foundations for the delivery of professional coaching services. A way forward is to more broadly engage with university-level theoretically grounded, coaching-specific educational programs. Psychology as a profession needs to more actively engage with coaching so that we bring our scientific training, our professional experience, and evidence-based approaches to a broader audience. Raising the standard of coach education and practice through university education, and forming clear and coaching-specific guidelines for psychologists who coach, should be a priority for both the American Psychological Association and the International Coach Federation.

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