The struggle for power in anaesthetic studies
Acid aspiration prophylaxis for emergency Caesarean section
Endothelin-1 concentrations and optimisation of arterial oxygenation and venous admixture by selective pulmonary artery infusion of prostaglandin E1 during thoracotomy
Patient-controlled alfentanil
What changes drug metabolism in critically ill patients-III? Effect of pre-existing disease on the metabolism of midazolam
Postoperative morbidity following cataract surgery
Dose-response and minimum time to satisfactory intubation conditions after mivacurium in children
Postanaesthetic shivering in children
The addition of tenoxicam to prilocaine for intravenous regional anaesthesia
Gas kinetics during nitrous oxide analgesia for labour
The importance of the expiratory pause
Low pressure leakage in anaesthetic machines
Immunomodulation: an important concept in modern anaesthesia
Esmolol aids extubation in intensive care patient with ischaemic pulmonary oedema
Anaesthesia for Cockayne syndrome
Flumazenil: an unreliable antagonist in baclofen overdose
The effect of syntocinon on blood loss during first trimester suction curettage
Does post-laparoscopy pain relate to residual carbon dioxide?
The haemodynamic effects of propofol in combination with ephedrine
Akathisia following low-dose droperidol for antiemesis in day-case patients
Topical ibuprofen for skin analgesia prior to venepuncture
The effect of temperature upon pain during injection of propofol
Pre-operative hypertension; do we postpone surgery too readily?
SCOTI device for detection of tracheal intubation
SCOTI device for detection of tracheal intubation
SCOTI device for detection of tracheal intubation
SCOTI device for detection of tracheal intubation
Peri-operative management of diabetic patients
McCoy levering laryngoscope
Erythromycin as a prokinetic agent in children
Is rectal administration of propofol effective?
Re-establishment of paralysis after recovery from mivacurium block
Tetanus and rocuronium in the intensive care unit
Similarity of drug packaging
Similarity of drug packaging
Endotrol tube for blind nasotracheal intubation
Bad backs and anaesthetists
Thyroid function in the critically ill
Rotameter sequence
Anaesthetic rooms-the debate continues
The fetus comes of age
The fetus comes of age
Adaptation of an intravenous cannula for paediatric regional anaesthesia
Compartment syndrome following prolonged positioning in the lithotomy position
Teaching fibreoptic nasotracheal intubation via the laryngeal mask airway
Risks of cross infection associated with anaesthesia; cleaning procedures for laryngoscopes-a need for Association guidelines?
Through the needle approach for difficult epidurals
Is caudal anaesthesia a safe choice for infant hernia repair?
Nasal packing forceps as a part of anaesthesia armamentarium
The effect of hyaluronidase on peribulbar block
The effect of hyaluronidase on peribulbar block
Hidden sharps
Untoward incident with PCA extension set
Hub disconnection and migration of a tunnelled central line
Teaching painless venous cannulation to trainee doctors
Is propofol infusion better than inhalational anaesthesia for paediatric MRI?
The accuracy of references in journal articles
John Snow, anaesthetist to a queen and epidemiologist to a nation, a biography
Clinical scenarios in anaesthesia
Tutorials in anaesthesia
Current Review of Pain, 2nd edn.
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