Infusion systems
Improvements in anaesthetic care resulting from a critical incident reporting programme
Sevoflurane degradation by soda lime in a circle breathing system
Spinal anaesthesia induced by intrathecal magnesium sulphate
An investigation of the effects of heparin, low molecular weight heparin, protamine, and fentanyl on the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in in-vitro monocyte cultures
Audit in pain clinics
Epidural morphine for postherpetic neuralgia
Effect of bupivacaine-induced spinal block on the hypnotic requirement of propofol
The use of a non-invasive method to measure intrapulmonary shunt during one-lung anaesthesia
Systemic piroxicam as an adjunct to patient-controlled analgesia with alfentanil for postoperative pain relief
Spontaneous movement after injection of propofol
A study of the brightness of laryngoscope light
Optimal shape of the laryngeal mask cuff
Anaesthesia and the Internet
Hydrogen peroxide: an unusual cause of arterial and venous gas embolism
Contralateral pneumothorax following thoracotomy for vertebrectomy
Iatrogenic vertebrojugular arteriovenous fistula
Upper airway obstruction caused by acquired inhibitor to factor VIII
Compartment syndrome with severe rhabdomyolysis in the postoperative period following major vascular surgery
A comparison of epidural infusions of fentanyl or pethidine with bupivacaine in the management of postoperative pain
Topical lignocaine and thiopentone for the insertion of a laryngeal mask airway
Oxygen saturation of patients recovering from electroconvulsive therapy
A lesson in the management of anaphylactic reactions
Variation in study leave funding amongst anaesthetic trainees
Patient controlled co-sedation
Laryngeal mask airway and lingual nerve injury
Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy and the laryngeal mask airway
Subdural or epidural?
Subdural or epidural?
The use of obstetric emergency drug trays: room for improvement?
Near infrared spectroscopy
Near infrared spectroscopy
Gastric intramucosal pH
Gastric intramucosal pH
Complications of intrathecal administration of pethidine
Complications of intrathecal administration of pethidine
Transtracheal ventilation
Anaesethesia for exodontia in young children-a snapshot survey of European practice
Knotted guidewire-A complication of Hickman line insertion
A new method of chest drain insertion
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