150 years of ether anaesthesia and what is next?
Economics of low-flow anaesthesia in children
Audit of postoperative pain control
Pretreatment with controlled-release morphine for pain after hysterectomy
Effect of epidural block on the lag time of pulse oximeter response
Intra-ocular pressure changes during gynaecological laparoscopy
Venous levels of lignocaine and bupivacaine after peribulbar block
Blood flow in the lower limbs in the knee-chest position
Gas leakage and the laryngeal mask airway
Respiratory effects of spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section
A ventilation-exchange bougie for fibreoptic intubations with the laryngeal mask airway
A laboratory assessment of oxygen delivery from a portable chemical generator
Use of a neonatal noninvasive blood pressure module on adult patients
Pruritus-itching for a cause and relief?
Hypotension, subarachnoid block and the elderly patient
Sciatic nerve palsy following childbirth
Asystole from tetanic stimulation of the accessory nerve
Epidural anaesthesia, ephedrine and phenylephrine in a patient taking moclobemide, a new monoamine oxidase inhibitor
Acquired laryngomalacia as a cause of airway obstruction immediately after unilateral mouth floor surgery
Leg ischaemia in an infant following accidental intra-arterial administration of atracurium treated with caudal anaesthesia
Lithium toxicity
Spinal anaesthesia and spina-bifida occulta
Tissue expander causing iatrogenic difficult intubation
A comparison of prophylactic ondansetron and metoclopramide administration in patients undergoing major neurosurgical procedures
The incidence of post dural puncture headache in children
Jaw thrusting as a clinical test to assess the adequate depth of anaesthesia for insertion of the laryngeal mask
The optimal dose of ketamine for caudal epidural blockade in children
The effect of glycopyrrolate on postoperative pain and analgesic requirements following laparoscopic sterilisation
Pain following craniotomy: a preliminary study comparing PCA morphine with intramuscular codeine phosphate
Pre-operative oral administration of morphine in day-case gynaecological laparoscopy
Ethics in obstetric anaesthesia
Ethics in obstetric anaesthesia
Ethics in obstetric anaesthesia
Classification of Caesarean sections
Classification of Caesarean sections
Variations in study leave
Variations in study leave
Postponing patients with pre-operative hypertension
Colour coded drug packaging
Pre-oxygenation, hyperoxygenation and lung aeration
Tourniquet technique for axillary block
Optimum LMA cuff pressure
Topical lignocaine for laryngeal mask airway insertion
The laryngeal mask airway as an adjunct to extubation on the intensive care unit
Burns caused by ECG monitoring during MRI imaging
Personnel and facilities for electroconvulsive therapy
Epidural morphine and postherpetic neuralgia
A method of identifying the caudal space-a 'scratch' test
Retrospective versus contemporaneous nausea scores
Retrospective versus contemporaneous nausea scores
Local or general anaesthesia for cataract surgery
Anaesthesia for cardioversion in children
Anaesthesia for cardioversion
Anaesthesia for cardioversion
Use of the 'AeroChamber' during induction of anaesthesia
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Clinical intensive care