Paediatric anaesthesia - who should do it? The view from the specialist hospital
Paediatric anaesthesia - who should do it? The view from the district general hospital
Neonatal welfare and placental transfer of fentanyl and bupivacaine during ambulatory combined spinal epidural analgesia for labour
Patient-maintained propofol sedation
Heterogeneity in intensive care units: fact or fiction?
Factors affecting neostigmine reversal of vecuronium block during sevoflurane anaesthesia
Propofol anaesthesia and vomiting after myringoplasty in children
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The use of paraglossal straight blade laryngoscopy in difficult tracheal intubation
Nitric oxide: description of a pipeline delivery system
Leakage of fluid around low-pressure tracheal tube cuffs
Latex allergy: an emerging clinical and occupational health problem
Epidural abscess following epidural steroid and local anaesthetic injection
Caesarean section in a parturient with respiratory failure caused by cystic fibrosis
Complete airway obstruction during awake fibreoptic intubation
The effect of single-handed cricoid pressure on neck movement after applying manual in-line stabilisation
Body position and late postoperative nocturnal hypoxaemia
Laryngeal mask lubrication
The effect of glossopharyngeal nerve block on pain after elective adult tonsillectomy and uvulopalatoplasty
Adverse response to sevoflurane induction followed by enflurane maintenance
Pain following craniotomy
Pain following craniotomy
Does at risk mean acceptable?
Sciatic nerve injury and Caesarean section
Remifentanil for major abdominal surgery
End-tidal oxygraphy and safe duration of apnoea in young adults and elderly patients
Introducer for the reinforced laryngeal mask airway
Use of auditory feedback to aid identification of the epidural space
Brachial artery catheterisation in paediatric intensive care
An unpredictable and possibly dangerous hazard of an anaesthetic scavenging system
Dantrolene infusion in severe tetanus
Digital assistance for the anaesthetist
Modification to the ventilation-exchange bougie
Antiphospholipid syndrome and neurosurgery
Plasmapharesis in neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Nalbuphine and pruritus
Intrapulmonary shunt during one-lung anaesthesia
Superior and inferior vena cava obstruction in leucocytoclastic vasculitis
Spontaneous movement after injection of propofol
Abuse of 'sharps boxes'
Capsaicin - Lewis's complication
Anaesthesia, anaesthetics and anaesthesiology
Anaesthesia, anaesthetics and anaesthesiology
Anaesthesia, anaesthetics and anaesthesiology