Regulations and safety in medical equipment design
Clinical usefulness of the bispectral index for titrating propofol target effect-site concentration
A comparison of near-infrared spectroscopy and jugular bulb oximetry in comatose patients resuscitated from a cardiac arrest
Haemodilution tolerance in patients with mitral regurgitation
Dose-response and time-course of the effect of rocuronium bromide during sevoflurane anaesthesia
The feasibility, safety and cost of infiltration anaesthesia for hernia repair
Interaction of vecuronium and atracurium during halothane anaesthesia in children
Airway auscultation
Small tubes revisited
The laryngeal mask as an antipollution device
Transoesophageal echocardiography in the critically ill
Accidental pleural puncture by a thoracic epidural catheter
Failed intubation and emergency percutaneous tracheostomy
Failure of chest X-rays to diagnose pneumothoraces after blunt trauma
Pain on injection of propofol. A comparison of cold propofol with propofol premixed with lignocaine
Pain after vasectomy
SHO training in anaesthetics. How good is it?
Is excess intensive care mortality in the United Kingdom concealed by ICU mortality prediction models?
Early death amongst anaesthetists
Self-administration of pre-operative analgesic suppositories
Combined introducer for reinforced laryngeal mask airway
Cuff inflator for tracheal tubes
Cuff inflator for tracheal tubes
Use of a tracheal tube and capnograph for insertion of a feeding tube
Testing regional anaesthesia before Caesarean section
Cricoid pressure in chaos
The use of CO2 gap to monitor splanchnic oxygenation
Prediction of outcome by pHi, pHa and CO2 gap
Prediction of outcome by pHi, pHa and CO2 gap
Reshaping the Macintosh blade
Non-rewireable plugs
Over reliance on pulse oximetry
Over reliance on pulse oximetry
The 'non-empty' bottle revisited
Attenuation of pain on injection of propofol - an unexpected benefit of co-induction with midazolam
Use of heparin in arterial lines
Anaesthesia, anaesthetics and anaesthesiology
Intravenous Anesthesia
Positioning in Anesthesia & Surgery
Drugs Prototypes and Their Exploitation
Deaths of members reported to Council