Intravenous anaesthesia: a step forward
Pharmacokinetic concepts for TCI anaesthesia
The development of 'Diprifusor': a TCI system for propofol
Development of the technology for 'Diprifusor' TCI systems
Practical use of 'Diprifusor' systems
TCI: supplementation and drug interactions
Intravenous anaesthesia: manual infusion schemes versus TCI systems
'Diprifusor' for general and day-case surgery
Use of 'Diprifusor' in anaesthesia for ophthalmic surgery
'Diprifusor' for neurosurgical procedures
Future applications for TCI systems
Evaluation of the predictive performance of a 'Diprifusor' TCI system
Influence of pre-anaesthetic medication on target propofol concentration using a 'Diprifusor' TCI system during ambulatory surgery
Influence of analgesic supplementation on the target propofol concentrations for anaesthesia with 'Diprifusor' TCI
Influence of ventilatory mode on target concentrations required for anaesthesia using a 'Diprifusor' TCI system
TCI compared with manually controlled infusion of propofol: a multicentre study